Feed Your Sorrows with some Sweets

It had to happen. The really belated Valentine’s Day post. This is mostly because I had an odd Valentine’s Day this year. It started extremely sour and then came an extreme desire to make cupcakes. For a long time, I never celebrated Valentine’s Day. Mostly because after grade school, you no longer get free chocolate or candies. Well, as I said before, it had a terrible start. So instead of being sour, I turned all my frustration into a cupcake making storm. Okay, maybe not a storm, but nevertheless it provided just another excuse for productivity and creativity, two wonderful friends that come and go as they please though never quite when I would like them to.

I used the magic of Google and clicked on whatever site came first for Red Velvet Cupcakes and Cream Cheese Frosting.

Five eggs, four hours, three burned fingers, and five fingers sticky with delicious cream cheese frosting goodness later, I finally finished what became 102 cupcakes.

I am not a baker. I do not usually have successful baking projects even though I adore sweets. Most of the time, something goes completely wrong because I forget an ingredient, the order of ingredients or the correct measurements. Despite my history of screw ups, I persevere. And maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think these cupcakes turned out half bad.


Just a warning. The recipe was made for regular sized cupcakes but I was using a small cupcake pan because I just prefer tiny cupcakes. Therefore, the timing in the oven had to be cut in half. My first batch was done in 20 minutes. I tried them and realized they were too dry because they were a smaller size. The second batch was 15 minutes. Softer, but not enough. I settled on 11 minutes for my third and fourth batch. They came out wonderfully.

This is my firsthand proof that sweets don’t have to be bought from bakeries where buying a single cupcake might cost just about as much as a tall latte from Starbucks. And when you make them yourself, it makes it all the more precious. Enjoy and experience the baking rather than just buying something quickly and carelessly.

However, if you need to satisfy that cupcake craving on the go and on a budget, there is an amazing tiny bakery in the Village called Apple Cafe Bakery. From cupcakes to muffins to more, your sweet tooth will be treated well. Click below for more savings for this amazing little place.

For more details and pictures of my little cupcake adventure check out my blog!

Good luck to all you cupcake lovers out there. ūüôā


Sophia, Rochester Institute of Technology

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