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Sunday morning: oatmeal or cereal. Monday thru Friday morning: pop tarts, Saturday morning: pizza from the night before. This bare line up of  “food” happens to be apart of the typical college kid breakfast menu. For some, the days when mom and dad use to make breakfast seems far from one’s memory. While for others, it feels like it was just yesterday they were being called out of the bedroom in a hurry or being told with urgency to finish getting dressed so that more than five minutes could be spent at the table to eat and indulge in family banter. In fact, many people may find themselves struggling to remember the last time they sat down and had a meal before noon. Our eating habits are only one of the many things that changed upon starting college. With this transition came the disappearance of a real breakfast meal. It is proven that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet who is it important to?

Ihop Pancakes

Over the years, snacks-to-go such as yogurt, pop tarts, fruit etc. have come to take the place of a good old fashion meal. Not the kind of meal that will make you feel full for all of 10 minutes, but the kind of meal that leaves you feeling satisfied, sleepy and rejuvenated all at the same time. Research has proven that there is significant importance to eating breakfast. According to a recent survey done by Food Insight, 93 percent of Americans agree that breakfast is the most important meal yet less than 44 percent are eating it everyday. Other studies such as the Georgia Centenarian Study in conjunction with the 21-year study of Older Americans, show that people who eat breakfast on a regular basis have lower rates of Type 2 diabetes, are less likely to develop heart failure, and are subjected to a longer than average life span.  Fast food places that offer a breakfast menu have also done a good job at easing in the picture. With the exception of Ihop who serves breakfast all day and all night. In the quick service restaurant industry, fast food breakfast purchases rose from 18.8 percent to 21 percent over a five year period, along with the sales of breakfast sandwiches rising to 19 percent.

With all that is to be gained from eating breakfast, who wouldn’t want to? What’s really standing in the way? A line we have adapted to using, which has also integrated itself into other areas of our lives; “I don’t have time”. Lunch is becoming the new breakfast because we “don’t have time” to wake up earlier, squeeze it in, or make it apart of our daily routine. Perhaps some of the things we don’t have time for now, are things that would extend our time later on in life. Breakfast is one of the many things being shuffled around to accommodate the busyness of being students and adults.  Making time for breakfast means making time for the important things; energy to live and adding years on to our life.

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Samantha Williams, State University of New York College at Old Westbury, 2012

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