Relaxation: A Past Time

A sigh of relief, left my body, as I rested my head on my soft pink pillow and flipped the channel to Criminal Minds (even though I’ve seen every episode at least three times). New to the 21 club, not to mention I’m just four months away from graduation aka the real world, one would imagine that I would jump at the chance to immerse myself into the facade of Friday night. With adulthood heading my way, one would say that my future includes college loans and nights out which are far and few in between. Yet instead I found myself longing to be in a place that didn’t include bright lights, colorful flashes, loud music, a dance floor or big crowds in numbers I couldn’t even attempt to count. I wanted to be in my bed, a place which has become very foreign, to do something that has become rare, relaxing.

From the moment we step out the door onto the streets of New York, The hustle and bustle of the city is engraved in our minds at an instant. We are constantly on the run, trying to match the heartbeat of the city that never sleeps, all in an attempt to find our own pulse. And then you turn 18, and off to college you go. We sprint into “college student” mode desperate to fulfill all which makes the experience: education, work, and oh yes, that thing called fun. You turn into an adolescent determined not to cheat yourself in either area because as students we work hard, and whoever said you couldn’t have it all?



We have time for everything else, juggling school and work, and of course a night on the town with the girls. But why not time for relaxing? Is it a fear that it may provoke laziness or is it a fear that we may actually enjoy it and long to make it a hobby. Relaxation is a thing which often seems to be apart ofAmerica’s past time. It has been written out of the routine of our daily lives. Something that is essential to our well being has become the rarest of them all. For some, relaxation is sitting in a quiet place with no outside interruptions, or brushing off the dust on the piano that hasn’t been played in years, or simply indulging in a hobby that has gotten away from them. And then you have good old fashion resting: laying in bed, lounging around, easing your mind, and relieving the stress from your body. Why not take it even further and venture out to a spa, a place that not only puts your mind at ease but your body as well. Besu Salon and Day Spa offers a great package for students which includes a free relaxing Swedish massage, with the purchase of BeSu Signature Spa Facial, a free mini “pick me up” spa facial with the purchase of a full leg and bikini wax and tons of other packages at a discounted rate for students.

It is easy to feel lost, overwhelmed and stressed throughout one’s journey of college and on the road to adulthood, but through it all we mustn’t forget to find time to relax and create a pace that allows us to do so. I was a little more than half way through my third episode of the mini marathon and I have never felt more satisfied with my decision to stay in on a Friday night. I rolled over to go to sleep, and the final words I released into the night’s air were “I should do this more often”.

Samantha Williams, State University of New York College at Old Westbury, 2012

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