Who Are You Written By?

I come across so many different social media trends as I indulge in my guilty pleasure of scrolling through TikTok. One that stuck out to me was the “Who am I written by?” trend. This past March, TikTok users were asking their followers this question, meaning they wanted to know which musical artist they look like they’re associated with depending on their style, hobbies, and interests. Someone who dresses early 2000s grunge and is experiencing their first heartbreak might feel represented by Olivia Rodrigo. Someone who loves vintage Hollywood glam probably finds themselves listening to Lana Del Rey.

Personally, I feel like Taylor Swift’s music is the soundtrack to my life. Every emotion I feel can be tied back to one of her songs. She has a lyric written for everything I have experienced throughout my life. Taylor Swift has been there for my middle school crushes, high school heartbreaks, and navigating adulthood. I knew I was “written by Taylor Swift” when her lyrics so easily applied to my own life. When I first heard “If you never bleed you’re never gonna grow” from her song “the 1,” I felt a bit more secure experiencing changes in my life and taking risks knowing I was not alone in feeling uncertain. When I look back at the hardships I’ve faced, I am proud of how I’ve worked past them to get to where I am now. I find comfort in this idea being vocalized by an artist I admire, especially knowing there are millions of other listeners feeling the same way.

With an artist like Taylor Swift who has so many iconic eras, there is an album for everyone. I always come back to folklore because it focuses on different relationship dynamics and I love the way it captures what a “sad girl summer” is all about. I always think back to a lyric from my favorite song on the album, “august,” which is “To live for the hope of it all.” This one line sums up how I feel in all aspects of my life. I live for the hope that all my dreams and aspirations will begin to unfold. I’ve always stood by the idea that whatever is meant to happen will enter my life whether it be a person, job, or hobby. This has gotten me through periods of change.

I can pretty much say I am written by Taylor Swift because she is the one artist that comforts all my feelings of sadness, joy, and hopefulness. I specifically connect to folklore because no matter the time of year, when I listen to this album, I picture myself daydreaming on the beach while my worries slip away. I love how we can feel personally represented by our favorite artist, even if it’s simply based on our inner thoughts. Finding that one artist that feels special to you can make every day feel like a new experience.

A picture I took on Cornelia Street in the West Village where Taylor Swift used to live that has inspired multiple songs on her album Lover.

Whoever it is, your favorite artist can help guide you through the situations you face. To figure out who you’re “written by,” start to pay attention to what songs you associate with both your heartbreaks and happy moments. If it is not an artist, maybe it’s your favorite author or fictional character. So yes, listen to your sad songs playlist while staring out the window of a car. Or dance around in your room while a song about your first love plays on repeat. Sing your heart out with your friends while getting ready for an unpredictable night. Music intensifies all the moments in our lives, no matter how significant they are.

By Jacqueline Rappa

Jacqueline Rappa is a rising senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology studying Advertising and Marketing Communications with a minor in English. You can find her aimlessly walking around New York City while drinking an iced coffee and listening to her favorite albums on repeat.

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