The New Museum: Free for NYU, Columbia, and CUNY Students with Student ID:

Utilize the Freeseums program at NYU, Passport to Museums from Columbia, or Cultural Passport from CUNY!  There are a ton of museums accessible through your student ID card’s college discounts. New York City is a cultural center, and its universities know that students experience much of life outside of school, so they often give free passes to expensive places. Going to a museum can be a workout for your mind as well as a relaxing experience. You can contemplate an artist’s work or the historical context of a piece without worrying about homework attached to it!

Keep in mind also that these museums are almost certainly air-conditioned! In the heat of summer, museums are a great way to get out while staying inside so that you don’t melt. To top it all off, guided tours at many museums are free.

About the New Museum:

The New Museum is “New” because it exclusively houses contemporary art. It exhibits works by living artists from around the world and serves as a center for new ideas and reflection on the current time period. It is the place to view art from individuals who have directly experienced the pressures of the era you live in.

The New Museum displays an array of exhibitions simultaneously. Currently showing are the After-after Tears exhibit on the fifth floor and Adhocracy (watch 3D printing in action!), both available until July 7. Multimedia installations from Erika Vogt and unsettling paintings by Llyn Foulkes are showing throughout the summer and into September.

Up until July 31, the experience truly begins before you even enter the museum, thanks to a 28-foot-tall rose on public display on the second floor balcony. Rose II is a sculpture by Isa Genzkin, a Berliner with a love affair for New York. Interested in integrating sculpture, nature, and architecture, Genzkin originally created this rose in 1993 as a symbol of tribute and love to the city.

Isa Genzkin’s rose is installed on the New Museum, viewable from below as well.

As students of any subject, we are scholars of life. No matter what you study, whether biology, urban planning, music, or otherwise, there is sure to be something at the New Museum of interest to you. Practice thinking about the art you see through the lens of what you already know. You may be inspired forever, or maybe just for the day, or you may just keep the experience in the back of your mind for an essay or two later in your schooling (professors eat this kind of thing up). Either way, a visit to the New Museum is an inexpensive way to experience culture, and, since the exhibitions are constantly changing, no visit is ever the same.

The New Museum is on Bowery, just below Houston. The closest subway stations are the Prince Street N and R Station, the Bowery J station, and the Second Avenue F station.

Check out the New Museum’s past, current, and upcoming exhibitions:

Plan your visit to the New Museum:

Housing Works: A charity bookstore cafe. Follow Prince Street to Crosby Street, and take a right.
Cafe Habana: Stop by for a torta or some tacos! On the corner of Prince and Elizabeth Streets, one block to the east of the museum.
SoHo: The New Museum is a short walk from Broadway, for all of your shopping needs.


Claire M., NYU.

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