The Decision Making Process

Now that the goals for a trip are set up, it is time to get into the gnitty gritty details on how to plan for the trip!  So the question being raised now is where should I go?

Deciding where to go

Now, this is normally not a hard question to answer because people usually have destinations in mind when they want to travel, but what about those who have no idea where to travel?  What about those who don’t think they have enough money to travel?  Well, here are some tips to consider:

-There is always the option to travel locally.
-Make sure the travel plans are within a reasonable budget.
-Use goals to help decide where to go.

For those who have never traveled before, the first suggestion I will give is to travel to somewhere close by.  Whether it is only fifty miles away or just to the next state over, short distance travelling is also travelling.  Travelling a short distance allows people to get a feel on how it is to travel.  If your hometown is New York City for example, travelling to Long Island and staying there overnight can give one a new outlook on how different somewhere so close can be.  Even going to Philadelphia and checking out their town hall and market can be an amazing travelling experience!

For those who wish to travel some longer distances, it is important that the location is within budget range.  Being a college student strictly increases the financial impact that money has on travelling.  When planning for a trip, one must always take into account how much money is available.  Realistically, it is near impossible to plan a trip to India with only two-hundred dollars.  Travel costs, accommodation costs and food costs are some of the obstacles that might get the way.  My rule, although not always applicable, is to add two-hundred dollars to a trip costs after making it.


Remember the goals list?  Use that to help create the best personal plan.  A list of goals is the first step in creating the skeleton for a good travel plan.  It is the foundation and first step in creating a good travel experience.  Don’t forget that Tripadvisor is a great tool when looking for places to go.

Deciding where to go will ultimately depend on the individual.  Do not forget that although travelling can be a great adventure, the process will have some expenses on way or another.  Traveling takes time, effort and energy.  As other issues are delved upon, it will greatly impact the trip and help solidify the need for planning.



This was written by Gary Chen of Stony Brook University

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