Thanksgiving on the Town

During my freshman year in college I experienced my first Thanksgiving away from home. My solo Turkey Day was something of a mixed blessing. On the downside, there was no way to enjoy Grandpa’s turkey or my mom’s homemade pumpkin pie. I made an attempt to follow Mom’s original recipe, but botched it up somehow. The pie wasn’t sweet enough, and the crust crumbled everywhere. Obviously, it needed my mother’s touch. But on the upside, I could avoid my crotchety Uncle Gerard and my bratty nieces this year. And I could hang out with my friends; we all headed out to eat Bar-B-Que, then to the local bar to wash down that turkey. So even with the absence of my mother’s pie, I enjoyed my holiday.       

Like me, you’re probably experiencing this Thanksgiving away from home and hearth. But fear not, you’re studying in one of the hottest holiday spots, NYC! From the mammoth Macy’s Day Parade, to ice-skating at Rockefeller Center, there’s always something to do this Thanksgiving.

Don’t have time to cook this year? (Or want to avoid a mishap like my pumpkin “pie”?) There are plenty of eateries you can hit up in NYC. And you don’t even have to go that traditional (and sometimes blasé) turkey-and-stuffing route. Try Japanese Bar-B-Que at Gyu-Kaku Restaurant. Enjoy anything, from Bistro Harami Hanger steak to Japanese sausages.  Gyu-Kaku also has a Thanksgiving Day lunch special—all you can eat for $27! Then stay for their Happy Hour, from 3pm to 10:30pm. Check out more of their specials at   

Maybe singing is your forte. If so, you should check out the ultra hip bar and lounge Karaoke Boho this Thanksgiving. Great food, drinks, and a wide variety of songs. Belt out some Alicia Keys or perform a British ballad from Oasis.  Karaoke Boho is at three different locations: 196 Orchard St., 186 West 4th St., and 54 East 13th St. And don’t forget to take advantage of their student discount. Get 50% off your reservation Sunday through Thursday, and 25% off Friday through Saturday.  

Our new book, NYC Student Guide, will let you know of hot spots like Gyu-Kaku and Karaoke Boho. The Guide features articles on food, entertainment, health, and many more.  Email us at  to preorder you copy today! At only $9.99, the Guide is much more affordable than a textbook, but just as essential to your student experience.  

-Megan, Trinity University

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