Tanti Baci: A Romantic Italian Experience

The Love Nest

One glance at the Tanti Baci website, or menu clearly indicates a “love nest” perfect for sharing dinner and a glass of wine with any loved one. (The restaurant’s name even means “lots of kisses” in Italian.) But I was most drawn to the effortless way Tanti Baci provides an escape from the well-beaten sidewalks and bustling streets to your grandmother’s living room.

There are snatches of tables along the brick walls and corners of the dining room. The pink twinkle lights of the window display give a rosy hue to the entire restaurant. Simmering sauces and aromatic garlic made promises from the kitchen.

My first visit to Tanti Baci was with my boyfriend Valentines week and I immediately saw the date-potential for any pair of pasta lovers. The owner, Sam, greeted us warmly and handed us menus part English, part Italian with flowing script.

I started off the meal with an arugula salad with sweet slices of pears and salty slivers of parmigiano cheese. When I asked Sam what the best entrée to order was, he told me that all of the pasta listed on the menu were hand-made and that I could not choose wrong with any of them. The chefs use original Southern and Northern recipes from the old Italian country. The pastas are part of the year-round menu, where the list on other entrees such as grilled polenta and sausage, chicken breast sautéed in lemon cream, and vegetable lasagna and are updated daily.

In addition to the list of pastas, the menu has an ornate list of sauces that may seem overwhelming, But never fear! The waiters are prepared with friendly suggestions of what best compliments each other.

While waiting for the main courses my boyfriend and I couldn’t help notice the Italian love ballades that were playing on the speakers. I again felt that I was in the home of my make-believe Italian grandmother and that I was hearing her watching her stories in the kitchen while making our meal.

My Ricotta Cheese Ravioli arrived peeking through the bright red homemade tomato sauce. The sauce was incredible. I could taste the sweet from the carrots, freshness from the basil and the time and affection the chef gave the sauce.  My boyfriend ordered his pasta in the Bolognese sauce, which came out creamily pink and I could clearly taste the meat it was simmered in.

We finished the meal splitting a homemade Tiramisu with coffees. The portion was perfect for two and the ladyfingers with mascarpone cheese left me feeling lighter than the coco powder on top.

Many Kisses are not a guarantee in bringing a date to Tanti Baci, but you will find an ideal meal and setting to cozy up with someone you love.

Click here for more information on Tanti Baci.

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