Restaurant Review: Flé Flé Grill

After a long day of classes, Elizabeth and I meet on the corner of 23rd and 8th to check out Flé Flé grill. With the frigid New York winter coming to a close, we are craving the fresh tastes of spring. No cuisine quite captures the essence of a reawakening sunny city as much as Mediterranean food–with each bite you can practically envision yourself sprawled out on the beautiful beaches surrounding the Mediterranean sea.

Flé Flé Grill exterior

Conveniently located next to the subway, Flé Flé is a great place to grab food on the go or meet up with friends. The restaurant itself is in an attractive brick building that is brightly lit. This part of the city is vibrant, many bars and shops teem with people and it isn’t far from the High Line, Chelsea Piers, and Hudson Yards.

Flé Flé is a versatile restaurant. It can be whatever you want it to be. For instance, you can pick up food, order food, sit alone, do work, or use your phone while eating. Flé Flé is also a great location to catch up with friends. You can make the outing last 10 minutes, or you can go on an entire adventure and explore gems in the city after eating.

The interior of the restaurant is clean and offers diners a wide variety of seating options. There is a rectangular table for a larger party, and there are stools. These seating options give customers a chance to create the dining experience they wish to experience.

Flé Flé offers you the choice of creating your own bowl or pita sandwich. I chose to create a bowl and Elizabeth made a sandwich. You are given the choice of a vegetable and grain base, and there are a wide variety of meats that you can put on top. Extra toppings include more veggies and sauces.

Serving counter

The food itself is tasty, filling, and affordable. There are many flavors represented in the food: the saltiness of the meat, fresh vegetables, and spicy habanero sauce. I was impressed with the garlic whip, which I had never seen or tasted before. Flé Flé fries are seasoned with middle eastern spices, which was a welcome addition to the classic french fry. 

The food is very filling, which is good if you are a student. A single bowl is enough to keep you going for the entire day. You can also make sure you are getting all of your nutritional needs because you have the freedom to choose what goes in your bowl.

Flé Flé bowl, Pita sandwich, fries

There are many advantages of going to Flé Flé. That being said, the best part about this restaurant is that it gives customers options. This is reflected by the following: 

  • Location. Flé Flé is right by the subway, which is convenient for diners. 
  • Experience. You can grab food to go, eat while multitasking, or enjoy a meal with friends. 
  • Food. At Flé Flé you are given the opportunity to create your own pita sandwich or bowl.

The number of options and flexibility of this venue is perfect for all diners. For students looking to eat out for any occasion, I recommend stopping by Flé Flé grill in the near future!

By: Erin Zubarik 

My name is Erin Zubarik and I am a Junior at New York University majoring in Global Liberal Studies and minoring in Chinese and Italian. Over the last few years I have been lucky enough to study abroad in Florence and Beijing, where I enhanced my language skills and became acquainted with lovely people. This fall I am primarily holed up in my apartment taking online classes, and playing with my hamster Pork Chop. 

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