Maintaining Long-Distance Relationships

A long distance relationship is an incredible feat. There’s no sugar coating it. You’re in one place and your loved one is in another. If you’re as unlucky as me, your loved ones are across the country from you.

I never expected to meet Jack last summer while I was visiting my best friend in Huntington Beach, California but life took me by surprise. When I left Jack in California, it was like I left my heart behind. I constantly drift back into memories from that summer with him, the sun rays and good vibes floating through the dry California air.

At least I fought for the time to see him again. I am going to California in less than a week. I would spend six months away from him for just one week with him, because he is worth it.

If you feel the same way about someone, you should fight for your time with them. If you see yourself sharing a future with someone, never let distance get in the way. Love knows no bounds, so put it to the test and love who you love. But you have to put effort. Distance is a large boundary, but love can overcome any boundary with work. I literally have a whole country between me and Jack.

Being away from friends is also difficult, but luckily our generation has Facetime and social media. Everyone is on different schedules or living in different time zones. But you can coordinate times to reach out to them. Sometimes it feels like my friends and I are always playing phone tag with one another and that can be very frustrating. But when you finally talk to each other, it is worth it. Just last week I went with someone to have our hair done and the wait time was dreadful. So instead of sitting down for another hour, I went outside and talked with my two closest friends on the phone. They filled me in on their lives, about dates gone wrong and new friends. A simple phone call made me at ease.

I do need to call my family more. It’s like a chore I keep pushing off. My mom misses me like crazy. I am her baby girl, the youngest of three, the last to leave the nest. My mom has been raising children for 25 years and I really owe it to her to call more. My father passed away in 2015 and my biggest regret is not calling him more. I don’t even remember the last thing I said to my father. Life is short, tell someone you love them.

Of course, see your loved ones in person, so get on your computer and plan a trip.  I paid for my ticket to California out of my pocket. My mom was very upset for not coming home for Thanksgiving so she said she wouldn’t help me pay for my ticket. I think she thought that would stop me but I was like “Yes, ma’am” and went online to buy my own ticket. It was crazy expensive but I have no regrets. My mom can see me at Christmas and over the summer break, but Thanksgiving is me-time, me-time to see Jack again, me-time to make new memories with Jack.

Travel tip: This year I have traveled to Boston to see a friend with a $35 round-trip ticket on Megabus. If you are trying to travel anywhere around the northeast I would recommend looking into a bus service first before your check out airfare. There are so many busses and it is so easy to catch one riding out of the city. However, if you are a neat freak or can’t handle public transportation, I would advise against bussing. It is definitely the cheapest method of traveling but it is not clean. If you prefer air travel, than just do your research to find cheap flights online. On my slim college budget, I use cheap sites like Expedia to find tickets. In college, cheap is always the way to go.

Things to Remember

  1. Make time for those you love and they will make time for you
  2. Spend your money on memories
  3. Call your family, time is fleeting
  4. Fight for love, let it win



By Solana Joan Suazo

Solana is a freshman at NYU Steinhardt, studying art and psychology. Solana spends many hours walking around lower Manhattan with her friends, sketching in the park, or finding new inspirations for her art around the city. When she isn’t playing volleyball or meditating, she’s usually watching Game of Thrones with her roommate, daydreaming about California beaches and buys, or painting a new picture for art class. She loves coffee, chocolate, and ramen, of course.

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