How Other People Can Help You Love Yourself

“The world reflects back to you how much you value yourself”

-Danielle LaPorte

I’ve been talking so much about self-love for the past few months and how important it is to show ourselves love. But sometimes it is hard to get yourself to do what is best for you. What is the easiest loan to get online Some people find it difficult to be what might be considered “selfish” and others can’t find the time to do so. Whatver the reason, I think I’ve neglected to really discuss how important and necessary it is to have other people in our lives so that they can help us love ourselves.

‘What does she mean?’ you may be thinking to yourself.

Well, for example, one of my roommates and I have been roommates since sophomore year of college and now we’re each one of the others’ best friends. That said, as it turns out, we have each also come to calling the other our personal “life coach.” Now, I’ll admit, I think she is likely a better life-coach to me than I am to her often times (it’s hard, okay?), but we are often turning to each other for help through life’s challenges.

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As graduation approaches, we’re stressed about school, finding jobs, getting an apartment, moving into said apartment, and still the other usual stressors like boys and money *eye roll*. So, it goes without saying that we’re always relating to each other regarding life’s difficulties and trying our best to provide the other with words of encouragement, songs of encouragement, positive energy, mood-boosting foods like cupcakes, calmness when the other is overstressing, a friend to walk the city with, and more. She keeps me on track, or tries to at the very least, and I try to do the same for her. When we can’t see the fault in our own actions, point of view, or opinion, the other is often there to cue us in on the opposing side of it all. I would’ve been a wreck without her these past few years!

Today we were out and about in NYC and decided to check out this sculpture in Rockefeller Center in order to distract ourselves from all the other crazy stuff going on-we took time to treat ourselves right on this beautiful day (and it was free)!

I think it is more than safe to say that we, as people, tend to easily place way too much weight on our own shoulders. It is also safe to say that this can create several different problems. Taking on too much keeps us from giving one task or person our undivided attention, which would allow us to better accomplish our goal at the time. It makes it easier to make mistakes, it draws from our experiences, it detracts from full satisfaction, and it makes it more difficult to self-love.

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These are all reasons that sometimes we need someone else to turn to. Whether that means you are delegating some of your load to someone else therefore lightening your own or whether someone else is just there to encourage you or do something fun with you when you need it most. Having a friend, family member, or even colleague by your side can make a tremendous difference in your self-care, self-compassion, self-confidence, self-love, and overall happiness and satisfaction. So let others help you love yourself, already!!

By Chanelle Surphlis

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