Deliciously Healthy Dessert Indulgence: Apple Cafe Bakery

Lately, I’ve been taking more interest in eating healthy – by this I mean discovering organic restaurants, vegan foods, vegetarian dishes, and finding a good nutritional balance in all of my meals. After starting to exercise on a daily basis, I felt guilty about consuming every type of food without taking the consequences into consideration. As a huge lover of food and all things sugary, eating healthy has been extremely difficult and I found myself lacking the sweet but fattening desserts that I’m so used to indulging in. Because of the lack of sugar in my system, I went out to search for a healthy way to have some of my favorite classic desserts and I found Apple Café Bakery as the perfect solution to my “healthy dessert” dilemma.

Apple Café Bakery is a small but adorable café, with a large baking area in the back of the bakery. The entire bakery smelled of freshly baked bread, which only meant that everything on display came out of the oven not too long before my entrance. Apple Café Bakery has a large selection of baked goods and pastries, and most importantly, a selection of vegan cupcakes. The vegan cupcakes at Apple Café Bakery are extremely popular – many people around the neighborhood are vegetarians or vegans, but not many bakeries offer vegan selections. This makes Apple Café Bakery the perfect hot-spot for vegans and people of all tastes. I was recommended to try one of their vegan cupcakes and their banana pudding, the most popular items on the menu.

The banana pudding that I tried was phenomenal. Banana pudding is one of my favorite desserts, but I often find that many bakeries go overboard with the sweetness in the flavoring and there always tends to be an imbalance between the bananas, pudding, and wafers. However, Apple Café Bakery’s banana pudding was sweet and rich, filled with fresh bananas covered in creamy pudding. The wafers within the pudding were crisp on the outer layer, but soft and fluffy on the inside, giving a good balance to the overall soft pudding. I couldn’t stop myself from pigging out with my cup of pudding, becoming more addicted to its delicious mix of bananas and wafers. The vegan cupcake that I had was a vanilla cupcake with strawberry frosting. I haven’t tried a variety of vegan cupcakes throughout my journey of food, but I could understand why Apple Café Bakery was so popular amongst vegan eaters. Their vegan cupcake was sweet, fluffy, light, and moist – the four qualities that I value the most when faced with a beautiful cupcake. Decorated with a simple strawberry frosting, the cupcake really didn’t need fancy decorations or sprinkles to add sweet flavors; it was purely delicious on its own.

Vegan Cupcake & Non-Vegan Banana Pudding


Everything made in Apple Café Bakery is made fresh and on the spot, so the bakery serves only the best. With friendly service and regular customers, Apple Café Bakery is definitely a local favorite and has become one of my favorites as well. Apple Café Bakery also offers free Wi-Fi to customers and is a great place for people just drop by and pick up their baked goods or actually sit down and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

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