A Taste of India at Spice Lane with Student Discount

spice6Craving a taste of Indian Food while in Union Square? Spice Lane on 3rd Ave offers great meals with affordable prices for students. They currently offer a student discount with Campus Clipper! My brother and I stopped by the restaurant for lunch and really enjoyed the experience.


The atmosphere was fairly quiet; Indian music was playing in the background and it didn’t seem very busy. Only a few tables were occupied. But despite it not being very busy, the food was good. To start, the table was served chips with mint sauce and tamarind chutney sauce. Both sauces were extremely delicious. The mint sauce had a good kick and the tamarind chutney sauce was nice and sweet.


The waitress was really friendly and made sure our table had everything we needed. The waitress also recommended the lamb curry to me and I really liked it. The curry was just a bit spicy. And I’m very wimpy about spicy foods, so that was good! My brother ordered the chicken tikka masala, which was also really good! The spices blended well together. The chicken and lamb were so soft you could cut them with just a fork. We also ordered a side of fresh naan. If you’ve never had Indian food before, naan is their signature bread and it’s so delicious. It’s very light, fluffy, and addictive. Once you have one slice, you just want more. You can dip your bread in your sauce or just enjoy it on your own.





To drink, we got the mango lassi. I’ve eaten Indian food a lot, and I’ve ordered lassi a few times. It’s this yogurt-like drink, similar to a smoothie. It was really good, very refreshing. The yogurt and mango blended well together. Some places use milk instead of yogurt because it’s cheaper. But with milk, the drink doesn’t taste as rich, filling, and creamy. But Spice Lane does use real yogurt! Their lassi was super delicious.


For desert, we got the Kheer, or rice pudding, which was light and sweet. Overall, it was a pretty good experience. And it’s pretty close to Union Square, without BEING in Union Square, so the street is peaceful. Overall, I recommend the restaurant if you want good food and a quiet night out.

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 ~By Megan Soyars

Spice Lane



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