Who Can Turn Down a Free Pint of Ice Cream?

I have an addiction, and it’s receiving free stuff for stuff that I was going to buy anyway. Free shipping for spending $25 online at American Eagle? Sure. Free gift bag full of goodies from Clinique for buying the foundation I needed anyway? Heck yes! People say nothing is ever free. I choose to ignore them.

I have another addiction, and it’s ice cream. It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside or what time of day it is, I could always go for a bowl of Rocky Road or French Vanilla with chocolate syrup and sprinkles (or both!).

The best part of New York is even ice cream parlors deliver. You don’t even have to step out into the cold to get your fix of frozen sweetness. Check out the Campus Clipper coupon book for a Haagen-Daaz deal: a free pint of ice cream with your first delivery order of $10 or more. What a yummy deal!

Julia Jacobo, University of Florida

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