Pamper Yourself in this Expensive City

The city is tough, and coming from a girl who self-proclaims that she can handle anything, that’s saying a lot.

Things went wayward when upon my arrival my roommate backed out of the lease we were all set to sign. It was Thursday, her lease ended Tuesday, I started work Monday, and I had no place to live. My four-day plan to unpack, unwind and explore my new city of residence was thwarted and replaced by stress, tears, uncertainty and the strong possibility of being homeless in the immediate future.

I searched and searched and searched for hours and days on end until I found a solution. I’m now subletting an apartment in Chinatown for a month, and my roommate is a 29-year-old Swedish man who works in an art gallery.  Throughout the ordeal, all I can remember is longing for the days when my parents could fix everything for me. But, seeing as Mom is in Jacksonville, Fla. and Dad is in San Francisco, it would have been even more work for them than it was for me. And let me just say, it was work—hard, grueling, frustrating work.

But, everyone in New York City is working hard, working tirelessly, and students aren’t the exception. In a city that revolves around hard work, it’s easy to forget to pamper yourself every once in a while. In such an expensive city, though, budgets often leave no room for a little pampering, and I could definitely use some.

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Julia Jacobo, University of Florida

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