When was your last visit to the dentist?

Do you have a dentist phobia?  Or are you just relaxed about having the routine 6 mouth check-up and cleaning?  It is a rather intimate situation; you feel exposed by giving someone the authority and privilege to poke around and examine your mouth.  For me the worst part is the unbiased suggestions on proper hygiene that feels more like a scolding.  But the thing about fears is that you have to face them.

I was long overdue for a cleaning and went to see Dr. Maritza Villamar Lozano.  Her office was warm and her staff was very friendly.  I felt calm and relaxed from the moment I walked into her office.  There was no wait and I was having X-Ray’s taken soon after I arrived.  Dr. Lozano was very compassionate and amicable.  She was also extremely meticulous, and professional, and took great care in answering my questions.  With up to date technology, she was able to take pictures and videos of my teeth and went over in detail, all of her concerns.

The cleaning process was quick and painless.  The hygienist took care great in being gentle and gave me advice on maintaining the hygiene of my teeth and gums.  My overall experience helped to alleviate my fear of the dentists and I feel much better knowing that I took a big step towards taking care of my teeth.  I feel more in control of not just my dental hygiene but also my life.

Rona, Columbia University, School of General Studies

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