Volunteering In NYC

Are you looking to volunteer while in New York? Here’s a pasted article from NYC Service with several opportunities for you!

Eliminating Hunger in NYC: If every New Yorker gave one hour a week in an act of service, the result would be transformative. Volunteer to eliminate hunger in your community with a local organization.

Every day, twice a day, volunteers are needed in the Bronx to help deliver nutrition with dignity. Volunteers are an integral part of how POTS creates community and helps clients achieve stability. Sign up here.

Vision Urbana Food Pantry: Help unload trucks, bag and deliver produce, and break down boxes. This food will feed many households in the Lower East Side. Vision Urbana wants to end poverty and hunger by giving back to the community. You can be a part of this by volunteering! Sign up here.

Produce Party: Every Saturday is a Produce Party! Music plays and the vibe is rich as our volunteers prepare the weekly harvest. Grassroots Grocery rescues approximately 10,000 pounds of Fresh Produce which we inspect and package to be delivered to our local community sites through volunteer drivers. Sign up here.

Meal Kit Donations Open: Commonpoint Queens is distributing meal kits this September to vulnerable new Yorkers. Often, the most desired but most challenging items for people in need to find at a food pantry are spices, herbs, and olive oil. Sign up to donate meal kits or volunteer to package the items and distribute with love. ❤️

Volunteer to support people seeking asylum in NYC: The Queens Public Library is looking for Spanish Language IDNYC Translators. Volunteers with fluent or near fluent Spanish skills who can provide assistance to non-English speaking individuals as they complete the IDNYC applications should express interest. Volunteers will help translate questions and answers.

New Neighbors Partnership is looking for New Neighbors Clothing Partnership volunteers. New Neighbors Partnership matches newly arrived refugee families with local families who have older kids and can share ongoing hand-me-downs from season to season. By partnering with a newly arrived family to contribute ongoing hand-me-down kids clothes, you can help a family feel welcomed and supported in their new life here. 

End Street Harassment: Street harassment is a form of violence with roots in different and intersecting forms of oppression. It hurts people and communities by causing fear, anxiety, distrust, and by limiting their mobility. When people feel unsafe in public spaces, they are less likely to spend time outside or join group activities. We all have a role to play in preventing and responding to street harassment. Check out “End Street Harassment: A NYC Resource Guide” to learn ways to prevent and respond to street harassment in the moment or as a bystander, and for supportive tips and resources.

Contact the Tenant Helpline: The Tenant Helpline is a one-of-a-kind tenant resource to inform New York City tenants about their rights and connect them to housing-related resources, including free legal services. The new live call system will be a critical resource for New York tenants who face potential eviction, landlord harassment, or unacceptable living conditions. Call 311 and ask for the “Tenant Helpline”

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