Untimeliness Is a Bad Strategy

If a college class is an hour long and you are 15-20 minutes late, you missed a big part of it. If you thinking about the part of the lecture you did not hear, keep in mind that your loss is not limited to this. There are several things you deprive yourself of when you are constantly late.

First of all, all the colleges have latenesses and absences policies and your repeating untimeliness may hurt your grade. Do you really think that sleeping for several more minutes is wotrh lowering your GPA? Sometimes you are giving up your sleep in order to prepare for the class. Give it up once again and remember that coming on time is a part of your preparation process as well.

Here is a tip for you: do not turn off your alarm clock and then go back to bed to indulge for a couple of minutes. Most likely, you will fall asleep again, then what was the point in putting the alarm on so early. If you believe that sleeping more is essential, then do not forget to put the alarm on again. This way you won’t miss it.

Secondly, your coming late is a great distraction for your professor and your class. Imagine that your classmate is late. He (or she) enters the classroom desperately trying to find an available seat. There seems to be none and he (or she) keeps walking around with a backpack not knowing where to land. Unfortunately for you, the seat next to you is empty. He (or she) notes this with happiness and takes out books, notebooks and a breakfast. Chewing his (or her) English muffin with egg and cheese, he (or she) tries to find out what was going on before he (or she) appeared. You are at a loss choosing whether to listen to the professor, to the classmate, who demands concrete answers, or to your stomach that did not get breakfast. Why should you ever do something like that to a person who studies with you?

Lateness is very annoying for professors as well. No one likes to be interrupted when speaking. So if you are late repeatedly, your professor may think that you are an unreliable or careless student and all your last night efforts will remain unnoticed, as discipline is sometimes more valuable than the work you do.

Third, sometimes there are written assignments professors give in the beginning of the class, for example, quizes or short answer questions. If you miss them, it may hurt your class participation as well and your grade keeps lowering.

And last but not least, remember that the main thing the college does to you is preparing you for your future occupation.

Therefore, your class is like your future workplace. No boss will tolerate chronic latenesses. So prepare for it now and develop a habit of coming to your classes on time. Maybe, you should just get a more sound alarm clock, one you will be happy to hear when you wake up in the morning.

Ekaterina Lalo

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