The Trader Joe’s Experience

As my fridge became empty, I realized it was that time of the week again! Trader Joe’s time! When I say this store is my home, I mean it. Trader Joe’s makes me feel elated. When entering those red and grey doors I was hit with a buzz of energy. Looking up and down the aisle as I see the ripened watermelon and berries to my right, and to my left the tropical fruit of my heart which is papaya, mango, dragon fruit, etc. I love Trader Joe’s because I always know I am getting the best and freshest produce there is. Then as I walk down the aisle I see the ripened vegetables. One of the most convenient things about Trader Joe’s is that they have already cut-up vegetables in the refrigerated section. This makes it very easy for a college student like me to buy something fresh and not make a mess of it in my dorm room since everything is already cut and mostly prepared. 

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While I take my trip around the store, it is hard to not buy everything in sight. Maybe in the future, I could, but right now I had to buy what was convenient for my dorm food. That means sticking with their pre-packaged fruits and vegetables to create less of a mess for me, and to keep my roommate happy. As my adventure continues I walk into their snack section. As a college student, having a variety of snacks is a must. For whether you are busy, socializing, etc, snacks are always a good thing to have in a dorm room. My top favorites from Trader Joe’s are the peanut butter-filled pretzel bites and any kind of granola they have. Their snacks come in big but compatible sizes that are perfect to store underneath your bed or wherever else. Along with their snacks, their hummus is the perfect pairing with some pre-sliced veggies for another snack option. If you have a mini-fridge you need to buy their hummus. It’s fresh and a perfect source of protein for those who don’t eat meat. Then if you’re lucky enough to have a freezer in your mini-fridge then you have to check out the frozen section that has food ranging from many different types of cuisine, to even mini chocolate lava cakes as a sweet dessert treat!

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Going grocery shopping will literally take me an hour. You want to get your hands on any trader Joe’s branded item. I know for a fact the popular “everything but the bagel seasoning” makes other seasonings look like a joke. It is a Trader Joe’s brand which makes everyone want to buy it 10 times more. Who am I kidding, I do as well. You can season your vegetables with this as it dips into their delectable, smooth, creamy hummus as the best snack there is to have. 

Overall, the best part of trader joes is as I walk into the checkout line I always know that all of the food I am getting whether it is snacks or produce it is very affordable. I can get a bunch of fruit and vegetables for under $30, which makes my purchase of getting all of the delectable food so much better.

By: Hanna Mandel

Hanna Mandel studies Drama at NYU Tisch in hopes of being on the big screen one day. She hopes to venture into writing, directing, and producing. She loves to travel and explore new places, as well as trying new foods!

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