T-Poutine: A Unique Foreign Cuisine, from a Not-So-Far-Away Land

Wikipedia says, “Poutine (Quebec French pronunciation Pronunciation-of-Poutine ˈputsɪn) is a dish consisting of French fries topped with fresh cheese curd, covered with brown gravy and sometimes additional ingredients.”

So, I have actually been to Montreal, and I have actually eaten authentic poutine there! I ate a lot of it, scarfed it quickly, and was in the mood for some good eatin’ – which it delivered (meaning I wasn’t just tasting it for the heck of it). Poutine is one of those things that you know you could make or eat anywhere, but that you barely ever actually think about or taste. We kind of associate gravy with Turkey or Mashed potatoes all the time. We kind of associate cheese curds with – well, what do we associate cheese curds with? I can’t actually claim to know the answer to that one… maybe, rural, dairy-farming, excess product that becomes snack? I do not claim to be any sort of authority on that topic! Anyway, we don’t think “Frenches ‘n’ gravy,” much like we don’t think “chips ‘n’ vinegar,” as the Irish and English do. But I can report firsthand, and even think I know you can imagine, that French fries taste amazing with gravy. I really recommend trying them in New York City, because I know T-Poutine has an awesome reputation here, and the reason why is because they actually do taste quite like Quebec’s famous cuisine! You can’t go wrong with T-Poutine. And now you have our coupon, so no excuses to not try that sort-of-exotic dish you’re curious about when you’re down on the Lower East Side.


Seriously.. must... taste.... it!


Also (second opinion!),
Serious Eats New York says of T-Poutine, “T-Poutine is packed on weekend evenings, but during the weekdays, it’s frequently empty. Those are the times when I like this place —quiet and with plenty of seating.”

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