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I am so excited and blessed to report that my mom just yesterday asked me if I would come home for Thanksgiving. This is not a gift I normally receive. I haven’t been out of Manhattan for any college Spring Breaks and I haven’t seen a Thanksgiving dinner in front of me since I was seventeen. She offered to pay for my ticket as my Christmas present, when I found the cheapest round-trip option. After booking on ( and show decent packages, but really do not have the best one-way prices, and therefore present far more expensive round-trip options than the sources themselves. Although, American Airlines’ quotes were outrageous outside the bargain websites. Try the airline site first, and then Expedia, is my conclusive advice.) – I’m lucky enough that Virgin flies for cheap from New York to LAX. You’re going to have an entirely different list of prices with less popular/busy airports – I’m all set to finish up my papers and research I have to do this week, and get packing!

Then I’ll come to the morning of, and I’ll be so ready to cart myself out the apartment doors and grab a cab and go. But I know now how much that will cost. $45 for the trip to JFK. Plus tip. Which makes it $60 (tipping nice drivers well is something I believe in. I think they’re very important to this city). If I’m smart, and I think about saving some of that 60 for something else I want, all I have to do is not actually take a cab. I can take the subway if I bring a smaller amount of luggage, or I can just take a shuttle and save like $20 without spending any extra hassle. Or bothersome lugging. That’s where we come in!! We bring you (and 2 coupons!) for fare quotes from any zip codes to any airport

Hit up the website and put in your zip code. From my neighborhood, in the East Village, it will cost me alone $23.00 to get shuttled, with all my luggage, to JFK. And if I have friends traveling the same day, they’ll only have to pay $10 each. Both prices are way less than $45 + tip!! We’re also giving you 10% off (so -$2.30 for me). Or if your fare is less, use the coupon in our magazine for $2 off.

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