Showing Friends a Time

Senior year is about the time when I’m loving my city for all of its unique quirks, and I also can’t deny that I’m itching to see my geographically spread-out friends more often – I miss them. The great thing about Manhattan is that no American-born, or maybe even Earth-born, college-aged person can deny their interest in visiting this famous city. Even if laid-back Californians never want to move, trust me, they consider New York City entrancing and beautiful (all the way from their view of it thousand of miles southwest). People want to shop here, walk Central Park, learn why Brooklyn and the Bronx are so well-known. People want to see snippets of how the economy of America is stimulated by so much that goes on just within our island’s 22 square miles. Manhattan just is enthralling.

Basically, it’s time to tell your friends to stop dreaming, and just visit already! I do. If anybody can help them float the ticket price (booking 3 months in advance will save about $300 on a round-trip ticket from L.A.), being here for a week will not break their bank. And I’m serious. If they can withstand the lure of the (overrated) Topshop that opened last spring in Soho, they do fine with just a few hundred for spending money and emergencies.

And lodging! I’m sure that’s their second fiscal fear after flying. Manhattan hotels notoriously charge sky-high prices – even when you think them not nearly nice, clean, historic, cute, or legendary enough to do so! Tell your homies to stay in a hostel. For about $35 per person, per night, Jazz Hostels can’t be beat. Maybe you have to share a bathroom, but think about how much you save and where you can step out to when you leave to explore New York anyway! Jazz Hostels are located on beautiful Central Park West, in Times Square, in Stuyvesant Square near NYU, and several places uptown near Columbia University and Hunter College.


And then I get jealous over where they're staying...

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