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I know so many New Yorkers and East Coasters who love their Italian food, and many who so cherish their Italian heritage. The thing about Italians being so abundant in NYC, though, is that pizza, pasta, vino and antipasto is everywhere. There are so many Italian restaurants and it is hard to find one you’ll really appreciate unless you have had it recommended to you by someone else who knows Italian food well. So, even though I’m not an expert, I am very meticulous with my food critiquing – in other words, trust my judgment! I’ve tasted my fair share of over-cooked pasta, bad wine, and antipasto that just doesn’t taste right. In conclusion, it makes me very happy to bring you the awesome menu at ‘Inoteca! This place exists up on 3rd Ave and down on Rivington, so whether you’re hitting up the Lower East Side nightlife, or further north with friends, definitely step in here for a delectable dinner and some nice companion wine, if you’re legal. Entrees are not too expensive, ranging from $11-$18, and our coupon gives you 15% off your whole dinner (so go on with that wine and appetizer, girl!).



I love the mushroom Insalata and pesto Bruschetta. And if you just happen to be trying to learn Italian, get a leg-up on your practice with the menu and waiters!

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