Revealing Beautiful Skin at European Wax Center

I had my first wax experience with European Wax Center last week, and the whole process was a breeze.

Two days before my appointment, they called with a reminder and asked if I would still be able to attend, assuring me that if I had to reschedule, there would be no fee. Great service; I always appreciate the extra effort it takes to remind me of an appointment, just in case something has come up or I forgot to put it in my calendar.

The center is incredibly clean, the waiting area open and well decorated. The staff at the front desk was friendly and informative and didn’t pressure me into buying any products or packages. I was a few minutes early to my appointment so she let me know that my specialist would be out in a few moments and where the bathroom was if in case I needed it. The lobby is stocked with comfortable seating and a slew of magazines, but I didn’t even need to spend any time reading them because my specialist, Alix, was out right on time to begin my reservation.

Alix walked me through the different products she was using as she applied them to my skin. Though I’ve waxed before, she made me feel incredibly comfortable with the process. At European Wax Center, your skin is prepped with a serum that keeps the wax from sticking to your skin, which lessens the pain significantly. The wax used is actually made in house and the technicians allow it to dry entirely before pulling it off, which again, keeps it from sticking too much to skin and only adhering to your hair. And they never double-dip–huge plus! Alix gave me a few different breathing techniques that made the pain almost non-existent.┬áIt was, hands down, the least painful waxing I’ve ever experienced. When not walking me through the process, Alix was incredibly friendly and kept up a steady stream of conversation to keep me distracted from the (albeit minimal) pain. She did suggest one of their products to keep the hair regrowth at a minimum, but wasn’t pushy about the fact that I needed to buy it, just that exfoliation in general would do wonders for my skin.

Post-appointment payment was a breeze. We automatically scheduled a follow-up. There was again, refreshingly no pressure to buy a package deal of the body wash Alix suggested I purchase (though I did and I love it). There’s a handy chart at the desk for suggested tip amount broken down for each beauty procedure, and the option to leave tip in cash or by card.

As a student, your first wax at European Wax Center is on the house, and then after that, you can take advantage of the student wax pass, where you buy two treatments and get the third one free! No better deal is to be had in Manhattan.


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