Restaurants Beyond Your Imagination

As my year at NYU began and I started to venture out onto the NYU campus to see the dining hall options that were included in my meal plan, I sadly came to realize how few options were provided. I decided instead to go outside my NYU meal plan bubble and see what other options I could find. As I walked around campus I found out how many vegan/vegetarian restaurants there were. I was so excited to try them all. Even my friends wanted to do this for fun and ask how many new and delicious food spots we could find and eat at. Some are more affordable than others, but one place that I know stands out to NYU students is called Sweetgreen. This green, vibrant health food take-out or sit-in restaurant is a place where I love to go eat, and it caters to anyone’s dietary needs. This heavenly make-your-own salad place has many choices of toppings, proteins, and dressings for whatever your heart desires. I can’t wait to walk in and choose from the endless options. Sweetgreen has various locations in NYC, and the one on 12th street is always bustling with NYU students. Sweetgreen was so good it even inspired Trader Joe’s to try and replicate their famous salads and dressings. Although we all love Sweetgreen, it is not the only option near NYU.

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One of the many draws to NYC (and NYU students) is the vast array of food choices and restaurants to try. Washington Square Park is in the center of the action. It is surrounded by a plethora of different restaurants always busy with students wanting to try the next great meal. One place that I love walking into, Banter, is located only 5-10 min from campus. Banter is an infamous brunch spot often crowded with students. The often 20min wait for a table is definitely worth it. It is a healthy brunch spot with various options ranging from the beloved avocado toast to the amazing sweet potato fries and a burger. 

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If the NYU dining hall food is getting a bit old, you can continue past Banter to many restaurants stretching up and down the block. Another personal favorite is Grey Dog. Grey Dog is open all day long for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are a force to be reckoned with since they offer breakfast all day long along with other various food options ranging from tacos to salads and burgers. Their food is hard to beat as whatever you get leaves you feeling nourished and joyful inside. Grey Dog is the perfect brunch, lunch, or even dinner spot to go to. Since it is located right near the dorms, students love to just stop by with friends. There is always a table and never a long wait to get in. This cafe provides delicious foods ranging from being just right for someone’s sweet tooth to a savory flavor as well. A few doors down is another one of my all-time favorites, Peacefood Cafe, a vegan restaurant full of delicious flavors. There are many options ranging from salad bowls, to vegan sandwiches, to even fake chicken choices! This cafe is a fun place to go, do school work and enjoy a bite to eat. I would even encourage meat-eaters to step out of their comfort zone, and see how delicious vegan and vegetarian food can be. A lot of my friends personally were surprised when they ate here because even their vegan cookies and tiramisu tasted like it was the real deal!

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Overall, I really do believe that there is a restaurant for any type of eater near the NYU campus. Many are affordable, especially if they accept NYU cash or offer discounts if you show your student ID. There are many different types of cuisine beyond your imagination. 

By: Hanna Mandel

Hanna Mandel studies Drama at NYU Tisch in hopes of being on the big screen one day. She hopes to venture into writing, directing, and producing. She loves to travel and explore new places, as well as trying new foods!

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