Lovely Weather but Feeling Under?


The weather has been absolutely lovely these past few days, reaching almost spring temperatures. Unfortunately I have noticed with the spikes in temperatures also came a rousing wave of complaints from people falling sick. Is there really a correlation between drastic changes in temperature and the number of sick people?

It isn’t the temperature of the weather that makes people sick when it all of a sudden feels like spring at the end of January. New weather, new winds essentially, bring in new pollens and pollutions. New things in the environment trigger allergic reactions. So the warmer weather does not mean that you will necessarily be safer from getting sick. Warmer, cramped environments, such as when everyone is hanging out together in a room during the cold days provide a friendly environment for bacteria. You are more likely to get sick from your best buddy than cold weather outside.

In a different scenario, drastic changes in weather do directly impact asthma sufferers. The air pressure, temperature and humidity affect the sensitve nerve endings the lungs, which can result in coughing and breathing problem.

There has been a bug going around my neighborhood and it is safe to say that the weather had no impact other than forcing people to stay inside one cold day and interact with others who were sick. If you are not an asmtha sufferer, than the only reason why you would get sick is allergies and traveling bugs. So to avoid these traps, when its cold, don’t stay in a small cramped area, especially if someone nearby is coughing their lungs out. Watch out for bugs and pollen and keep track of your health regardless. Vitamin C is a beauty and I take it along with Citron tea (which can be found in asian markets) to help soothe the throat and get more vitamin C boost.

If you are unfortunate enough to get sick, aside from more vitamin intake what I do is eat cleaner foods. You can still eat out and enjoy company, but oily or rich foods no matter how tasty they look might disagree with your stomach. Personally, I get a craving for soup and sushi when I am feeling under the weather. A strange mix I know, but having clean food does a world of difference.

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