Ideal Career Choices for Personality Types

Society today has been keen on putting people into categories: tall or short, educated or uneducated, sociable or shy. Because of this constant grouping of people, the Internet has been swarming with various personality tests that tell you what type of individual you are and the type of people you would be the most and the least compatible with. Though some people say that this categorization of people is discriminatory and encourages unfair separation of human beings, I find it interesting how answering a couple questions can tell you who you are as a whole person and even provide you with options for your future. I don’t like to rely on these personality tests, but one test that I have recently taken and found to be strangely accurate is the Myers Briggs Personality Test. This test consists of nearly fifty questions that you must answer in order to determine your personality through the different integrations of pre-determined letters. These letters stand for a specific personality, such as E for extrovert and I for introversion, and using the combination of four letters, the Myers Briggs Personality Test reveals your true personality at its raw.

For college students who are just beginning to discover themselves and testing different major options, Myers Briggs Personality Test is the perfect tool that creates a list of options that would work to the benefit of their distinct personas. Upon completing the test, Myers Briggs presents the four-letter definition of your personality with an explanation and the career choices that would suit your characteristics. I am an ENFJ: extroversion, intuition, feeling, and judging, and Myers Briggs had summed me up as an idealist organizer. The compatible career options for an ENFJ are journalist, social worker, chiropractor, and graphic designer. As an English major, becoming a journalist was something that I had contemplated over, and after seeing the results of my test, I’m even more tempted to pursue after it as a possible career.

Myers Briggs Personality Test  proved true for myself, but it might differ from person to person, depending on how honestly you answer the questionnaire. Even if you are set on the career of your dreams, take the Myers Briggs Personality Test at to explore yourself in depth and also to have some fun to see what possible apposite alternatives you have. gives the explanations you need in order to decipher the codes that the test presents you with. There’s no harm at all in taking this test; do it for fun and explore you’re the endless options you have for your life.

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