How to Live Stress Free and Musically: Spotify

The Marriage of the Playlist and Social Media Sharing: Meet Spotify

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Another way to discover new music is a recent development called Spotify. Spotify, like Pandora, allows you to listen to the music you love while giving you the chance to discover new music by being able to listen to playlists that other listeners share with Spotify. The ‘Share’ aspect works with Facebook, Twitter and other sites where your friends and other Spotify users can see your playlists and give them a listen. And unlike Pandora, Spotify allows you to give any given song as many listens as you like and you have an unlimited amount of skips if you don’t like a song that comes on. Another cool aspect about Spotify is that you can ‘queue’ whatever songs you want to hear next- in other words, you can choose the order that the songs in a playlist play because you can see the list of songs on the screen. There isn’t the ‘surprise’ like Pandora because you have the entire playlist in front of you and can automatically spot out what you like.


With Spotify, you have the ability to share the songs, albums, artists and playlists you listen to with your Facebook buddies, Twitter followers and friends on Spotify. While on Facebook, you might see in your news feed certain songs that your friends might be listening to on Spotify and if you love music as much as I think you do (you made the conscious decision to read this book about music, right?) then you might get curious and click the link to the song. Spotify is also great because once downloaded, it automatically contains your entire iTunes library and/or Windows Media Player library. It’s just one of the latest developments specifically designed for music lovers.


By Janet Reyes

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