How to Live Stress Free and Musically: Finding New Music


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Now that you understand that it’s perfectly acceptable to have totally contrasting music tastes, it’s time to discuss how to find new music. When I say new I mean new to you and your music taste buds, not necessarily a brand new artist. One great, and easy, way to find new music is Pandora. For those who haven’t heard of Pandora, it’s a site built for music junkies like myself and you too. You can create an account for free and create your own stations based on a song, artist or genre that you type into the search bar. Here’s the part where expanding your palette comes in: from that initial song, artist or genre you typed in to create the station, several other artists similar to whatever you typed in, will play in that station. From this one station, numerous different artists, who you’ve probably never listened to or heard of, will come on. Next thing you know, you have a new artist you love.


If you use the free version of Pandora, as most people do, you get to listen to all of your stations with very few ads in between and you are allotted a certain number of hours that you can listen per month. Trust me, with the way I listen to Pandora, the number of hours they allow is more than enough. If you choose to upgrade and pay a yearly fee of $36 for your subscription to Pandora, everything is unlimited. When I first discovered Pandora a few years ago, it was like when man first discovered how to make fire. It was that serious. The first station I created was a Green Day station and they took all the elements that Green Day has in their music and gave me some other artists to listen to that I now consider to be some of my favorites, like Foo Fighters and Rancid. Pandora and other similar sites, are a great way to discover what artists and genres you like and or don’t like. Remember, you don’t have to like everything that comes up in your Pandora stations. If you don’t like a song, simply click the nifty “thumbs down” button and that song will never play again. Similarly, you can click the “thumbs up” button if you like a song and it will keep that song for future play in your station.

UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 01:  Photo of Billie Joe ARMSTRONG and GREEN DAY and Tre COOL and Mike DIRNT; L-R. Mike Dirnt, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool  (Photo by Nigel Crane/Redferns)


By Janet Reyes

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