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I am an Afro-Latina who enjoys eating Hispanic, American, soul food, so when I heard that most colleges serve “unseasoned food,” I sort of cringed. As a cook, I know that food is too delicious not to be served to its best potential!  Despite my initial shock, I was still eager to try new foods–I knew that NYU served food from all different cultures, so I thought college would be the perfect place to try something new.

That eagerness soon transformed into disappointment. I found myself trying new foods and hating them at the same time. The lack of healthy, culinary variety at NYU caused me to stick to the same foods that I liked over and over: cheeseburgers, fries, pizza, jambalaya, grilled chicken, mac and cheese, etc. Yes, I know this is not healthy at all as that is why I sincerely tried to change my diet. I tried eating healthier new foods, but they never impressed me. After all, the healthy foods served at NYU were bland and they would repeatedly serve the same items causing my dislike to further grow. There wasn’t a variety and my taste buds weren’t having it. Although I loved my Hispanic food, many of my food choices served at home were limited and weren’t very healthy (though not really unhealthy as well). I just wanted to try new dishes to my liking.

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During the spring semester, my best friend told me she wanted to lose weight with a new weight loss plan. Her plan consisted of going to the gym and eating more healthily. When she told me this, I honestly thought that she picked the worst partner to invite along on her weight loss journey. Although I didn’t mind the gym, the eating would have been an issue for me. Still, I agreed to her little plan–which we ended up barely following.

She then thought about going vegan, but I reassured her that she wouldn’t like it considering she would have to give up her Starbucks lifestyle. Once, though, she and I tried my roommate’s vegan pizza for the first time, and I absolutely hated it while my best friend loved it. That vegan pepperoni pizza didn’t make it to my list, but it made my friend’s list which made me happy considering this was her journey.

During my friend’s food venture, I seriously started to think about mine. I’m fairly skinny and had the mentality that what I ate would never impact me. In college, I began to gain weight, but I liked the way it looks on me and I have grown more confident. That’s not to say that I shouldn’t be looking out for the consequences junk food has. Although I ignored her constant preaching and converting vegan tactics, my roommate did cause me to acknowledge the importance of switching up my diet once in a while. Since I will have a kitchen in the fall, I plan on cooking new and healthier foods of my own taste. I’m still and will probably always be a meat lover who will never discard any plate of platanos and chuleta that comes my way. But, I will still be open to new foods on my pace, liking, and turf.


By Tiana B.

Tiana is a sophomore at NYU concentrating on journalism and creative writing. She seeks to display the representation of African Americans and Latinos by providing her own experiences and illuminating marginalized issues in her own writing. When she’s free from her stressful college life, she likes to listen to rap music, binge watch on anime, splurge on Kmart deals, and cook her Hispanic cuisines. Tiana also runs another blog called True T which also highlights not only her personal experiences, but her genuine and unfiltered opinions on today’s matters.

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