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Everytime registration deadlines are near, I always become anxious. I usually make five backup schedules in case anything goes left and all my first choice classes are usually taken up in the first few days. Unfortunately, many of these backup classes are usually classes I really don’t want to take, but fit into my schedule at my convenience. In addition, most of the times I am stuck in these classes as I don’t bother with the waitlist process. It’s one of the consequences I have to deal with as a lower class student because the upper class will always receive first dibs.  

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After a disastrous class registration as a pre-freshman, I always braced myself for the leftover classes. Most of the times, these classes were historical which didn’t upset me too much. I was fairly good in history classes at high school so I did not expect to feel out of place. It wasn’t until sitting in those history classes as a college student I felt so academically behind. These classes focused on Asian history or included dense readings that were way too complicated for me to understand. Ultimately, staying in the back of the classroom while watching other people’s hands skyrocket after every question asked motivated me to take advantage of office hours and manage to improve my grade. At times, I felt that the professors took pity on me when grading me, but then again all I cared about was my grade.

Although these history classes weren’t the most entertaining, I always did learn something and was able to walk away with new knowledge. I would learn about African culture, the means behind humanitarianism, notable theorists like Foucault, and Orientalism which did at times prove to be captivating.  My other go to, back up classes were usually CAMS courses (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Studies) and those classes were amazing. Although this may sound unusual, it taught me what not to do with my future kids along with scientifically proven methods of achieving joy which I need these days.

So even though I never ended up with my desired classes, I can say that each class I took, I was able to apply that knowledge to the real world. That’s not to say that I don’t get bummed out with the classes I end up with. However, the least I can do is find some meaning in them and work myself off as it makes me appreciate these classes and the semester a ton more.

By Tiana B.

Tiana is a sophomore at NYU concentrating on journalism and creative writing. She seeks to display the representation of African Americans and Latinos by providing her own experiences and illuminating marginalized issues in her own writing. When she’s free from her stressful college life, she likes to listen to rap music, binge watch on anime, splurge on Kmart deals, and cook her Hispanic cuisines. Tiana also runs another blog called True T which also highlights not only her personal experiences, but her genuine and unfiltered opinions on today’s matters.

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