‘Dollhouse’: A Flexible Identity

You most likely know him from Buffy, or maybe even Firefly or Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, but Joss Whedon’s most recent television show, Dollhouse, should be grabbing your attention just as much. Dollhouse follows main character Echo as she enters into the Dollhouse, a place with the technology to wipe your memories and ‘imprint’ you with new memories. The Dollhouse serves clients by giving them “what they need,” for example, if they want a person to love, the Dollhouse’s ‘actives’ (their employees, such as Echo) are imprinted with the thought of someone who would be perfect for loving him/her, and they are allowed time together. The entire organization, created by Rossum, is illegal and underground. The show follows different characters as they try to expose the Dollhouse, save the actives, and prevent Rossum from abusing its power.

Main character Echo, displaying her multiple=

As I watch this show, I can’t help but contemplate what my life would be like if one day I discovered that my life was not my own. That, in fact, I was living with somebody else’s memories and my true, original identity was stored in a chip somewhere outside of myself (possibly even in somebody else). Would I be willing to give up the life I had now to become a person that I had been before, yet can’t remember anything about?—Remember that I feel as if I am this new person, she is me and I am her completely. What did I used to be like? More flexible? Dogmatic? Better in school? An entirely different person with different traits…

Dollhouse made me wonder what I’d do if my identity was not under my own control. And it got me thinking, What would a different personality try to do that I’d never try to do? Sky dive? Perform? Although it’s not what Dollhouse was preaching, it made me want to get up and try new things, as if I was somebody else completely. I could learn to dance at Piel Canela, or spend the day at a spa pretending I was a pampered celebrity. Campus Clipper makes trying new things easy and cheap, so build on your personality because you never know what type of secret technology corporations have that are about to wipe your memories clean!

/elizabeth Kaleko

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