A Student’s Secrets to Affordable Entertainment in NYC

New York City has been a cultural hub and home to artists across numerous disciplines for most of its history. One of the most exciting parts of NYC is its rich connection to music history and the hoards of artists which are attracted and inspired by the city’s vibrance. Music has always been an important part of my life. In fact, it was an emotional support archor during the pandemic; when creating a playlist for every mood, season, or activity was an ideal way to pass hours at a time. My engagement with live music prior to moving to the city was decently limited due to the inaccessibility of concert stadiums and venues from my small town. Coming to NYC, I could not have predicated that frequenting affordable live music venues would be a large component of my experience. However, it became one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend and become more connected with a sometimes overwhelmingly large city. 

Pretty Sick live at the Bowery Ballroom – November 2022

A brief history of New York music culture: a birthplace of hip hop, punk rock, disco, and new wave. The city is also recognized for the host of genres which it has popularized such as jazz in Harlem, folk in Greenwich Village, and bachata in Washington Heights. New York houses some of the most iconic venues as well, such as the Apollo Theater, Carnegie Hall, and the Lincoln Center for Performing. Later on, I may even discuss how you can visit some of NYC’s iconic venues. It has continuously been a beacon of artistic freedom, inviting innovative creativity and supporting a large community of independent artists. The melting pot of cultures present in New York impact and shape how styles of music have mingled and merged. 

My own experience in New York has largely centered around music culture because it became one of the most accessible ways to find entertainment on the weekends as a college freshman and sophomore searching for under-21 nightlife spots. It can be difficult to find experiences which cater to 18+ audiences in New York despite the multiple universities in the city. Attending live music events became a gateway through which I could experience the city at night and an affordable way to socialize and foster new experiences. To continue nurturing my love for music, I also became involved in the burgeoning music scene at my own university. Fordham’s music community consists of numerous bands which perform on-campus and off in the nearby area and contains many students who go on to pursue music as a full-time career. Attending the performances of student-led bands because a way to meet new people and engage with my university community.

Having live music available within my own neighborhood of Belmont in the Bronx was certainly a privilege, but I still frequented my favorite Manhattan spots often. Overall, music has been a gateway for me to access all that New York has to offer, connect with its rich culture, and maybe even find my own place in an overwhelmingly large city. I want to connect students like myself to these experiences and share tips and tricks for finding affordable entertainment. In the coming chapters, I will both explore my on-campus and off-campus music venue experiences and even include an interview with a Fordham alumni and New York based musician. This will be my ultimate guide to accessing all New York has to offer music-wise including 18+ accessible locations within a student’s budget!

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By Georgie Fleming

Georgie Fleming is a recent graduate of Fordham University with a BA in Communications and French and Francophone Studies. While at Fordham, she frequently published articles in a music publication and worked as a barista. She grew up in Newport, Rhode Island. She spends her free time going to the beach, reading, and baking.

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