Why Is It So Hot in the Subway?

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As I was listening to the news on TV while cooking my light dinner, I heard something like “there is about 105 degrees inside the subway stations in New York City.” 105 degrees the temperature there is, indeed.

An ex-camper, I love walking long distances, and I do walk whenever it is possible and not too far. Now that it is so hot in the city, walking is not as pleasant as always. And still, waiting for a train is even harder to tolerate.

Imagine: you are standing insideĀ a station for about 10 minutes. You inhale hot air, far from being fresh, not mentioning the smell of garbage or something even worse that people, not too concerned about others, left there. Sweat is rolling down your back. Your hair is all wet and sticky. A little relieved, you see a guy selling bottled water, which seems a bit refreshing for a moment – until you ask him for the price. And you keep wondering: where the hell is the train? And also: why is it so hot in the subway?

Overheated and wet, you get on the train that finally arrives. Sitting inside, you indulge in fresh air and think, “God bless air conditioners.” However, your happiness doesn’t last long: you are slowly feeling colder and colder, as your wet clothes and hair, soaked in sweat, do not feel so good and refreshing anymore.

If you find yourself complaining about being cold now, then just get off on the next station and wait for another train in 105 degree heat. And think about other countries that do not have air conditioning eitherĀ in their public transportation system or their homes, so maybe, you have really nothing to complain about.

Ekaterina Lalo

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