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I have always wanted to get my hands on a voice recorder, like the ones writers or reporters used in old movies for interviews. They seemed so handy and special, being able to hold tiny bits of moments in your life that you could replay. My sister got one yesterday for a meeting she wanted to record.

Not the exact model, but just as attractive!

This little guy wasn’t exactly cheap. With a price tag of $790, not only can it record, it also has usb compatibility, an extra micro sd slot (for more storage), can store up to 72 hours (or until the battery wore out), crisp clear recording sound and finally my favorite: different modes. These modes alter the recording to the type of room you were in such as a big auditorium or a close up conversation. It also has voice activation. Great for black mail. Joking!…or not…

Once my sister brought it home, we both started playing with it, testing out how well the sound played back when recording from different distances. It performed very well, even when I spoke softly a few feet away. This is truly a professional device, and worth all the money it cost.

So what can it be used for? Other than personal pranks and singing, it also can be used to interviews, meetings, lectures, possibly concerts (have yet to see how well it’ll record in a crowded booming room), or even daily settings when you want to record somewhere you have been. You can also record a song you hear somewhere and then turn it into an mp3 file when you get back to your laptop.

Electronics are amazing these days and what used to be a simple on and off fuzzy recording device is now a multi-purpose recorder, music player, and spy device (for fun of course. no harming anyone please!)

Now let’s say you don’t want a recorder because your phone/camera does everything you want anyway. For the future mishaps here is a student discount to help you out.


Sophia, Rochester Institute of Technology

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