The Time I Spent Too Much on Dumplings

Hi. My name is Olivia and most of the time I am thinking about food. When my roommates and I stumble into our living room every morning — just after we’ve checked to make sure our turtle is still alive — we’re planning breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Things I enjoy: looking at food, smelling food, cooking food, microwaving food, talking about food, and ESPECIALLY eating food. My equal-opportunity stomach will accept food of any ethnicity, color, size (although more is more), or texture as long as it’s yummy— and therein often lies the problem. Like this past Wednesday, for example.
My dear friend Tyler and I were running errands, (the purchase of school supplies and the like), when we realized we were both terribly hungry. Being an aficionado of food that comes from moving vehicles, I convinced my friend to give the potsticker cart a try. Because food that comes from a cart is cheap, right? At least that’s the impression I’ve been under for most of my independent life. We left the cart with quite a haul; both of us ordered eight veggie potstickers over noodles with hot and sour soup and our favorite bubble tea. Yet, as we settled ourselves on a rock in the park I realized we’d both spent around fifteen dollars on cart food. I beheld the greasy dumplings in my lap and couldn’t help but feel disappointed in myself. Sure, food from a van is tasty, but it’s supposed to be cheap! My stomach flip-flopped a bit, and not from the potstickers.

Maintaining a balanced bank account while living as a college student in the cultural center of the universe can be difficult, and a fifteen dollar lunch isn’t something I can afford to treat myself to on a daily basis. The Campus Clipper allows students to enjoy great products, experiences, and FOOD for reasonable prices— like the coupon they’re currently offering for Francesco’s Pizzeria & Restaurant in the West Village. Their Student Lunch Special guarantees two slices of cheese pizza and a can of soda for $4.50— filling and reasonable! Or, if you’re in the mood for a group affair, the coupon offers $3 off any pie, or a deal on heros— buy two and the third’s free! The student ID is a beautiful thing, and with it — and your coupons from Campus Clipper — you’re all set to enjoy a reasonable lunch that won’t leave your wallet hungry.

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