Last week I wrote to you all about the importance of planning the proper Valentine’s evening, and about how to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the expectations of this once-in-a-year extravaganza of love. Well, for today, I have decided not to conclude this 2-week installment with a continuation of where I left off and provide a list of romantic restaurants or bars perfect for sharing that Hallmark intimate moment—with every other couple in New York City at your side. After all, it is basically assumed that a Valentine’s date will consist of dinner followed by drinks, or some sort of entertainment. But, for today’s blog, I want to write about alternatives to this standard procedure of date-night etiquette. I think the entire conception of Valentine’s has been skewed by the idea of “going out.” For most people, having dinner at a restaurant is an acceptable middle-ground for meeting a person on a date, so my suggestions may not be appropriate for those just beginning a relationship or on a first-date.

Like other holidays, Valentine’s Day is built around an idea, love, that is often lost in the fray of planning and scheduling what is most likely an expensive night out. But, we must not forget the original purpose of the day that has driven us to celebrate it. If you want to celebrate the love you have for someone, why not consider creating something that expresses this instead of just making reservations. For the artistically inclined, this may not be much of an insight, as it is something natural for you, but for others, do not be intimidated if you are not a master of pastels. Expressing yourself is not about reaching a standard, but simply about mining your creative impulses to express how you feel.

If you are still wary about getting crafty, then why not forget about living up to the expectations of Valentine’s altogether by purposely undermining them. Go out to your local party store, buy as many obnoxious and kitschy decorations you can afford, adorn your apartment in a smattering of festive reds and cupid silhouettes, invite all your friends over, and throw a party that has nothing to do with Valentine’s except the decorations.

Above all, the easiest way to ensure a memorable date, whether it is Valentine’s or not, is to be creative and be yourself.


Written by Derek Parsons, Campus Clipper Blogger

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