The Best Shows on Basic Cable

With so many premium cable channels available today, such as Shotime, HBO and Starz, it can be hard to find shows on basic cable that are actually worth watching.  However, networks such as AMC and FX are still managing to air fantastic shows that are just as entertaining as shows on premium cable channels.  Below are a few shows on basic cable that are definitely worth checking out.


Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad, which airs on AMC, is essentially the portrayal of a man whose life is turned completely upside-down due to his involvement with cooking crystal meth.  The show is currently in between its 4th and 5th season and will only be 5 seasons in total.  Breaking bad is a fantastic drama/thriller series that would definitely be enjoyable for a mature audience.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead, which also runs on AMC, is widely considered the best TV show about zombies to date.  With that being said, there aren’t an overwhelming amount of zombie shows flooding the networks.  However, The Walking Dead is about more than just zombies.  The show has tremendous character and plot development, as well as fantastic makeup and set design.  Due to the content and general nature of the show, The Walking Dead is recommended for a mature audience.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is not a new show by any means, however, it has somehow managed to fly under the radar of many comedy lovers.  The show, which airs on FX, is virtually plotless from episode to episode.  Each episode has its own topic that is covered in its entirety throughout the episode.  Other than a few character relationships, the show rarely tends to carry any baggage, so the series is pretty easy to get into.   Although it is a comedy series, a lot of the jokes are raunchy, so I would recommend this series to a more mature audience.




Michael Turzilli, Quinnnipiac University

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