Pretty Woman

Although New York City boosts one of the hottest fashion scenes on the planet, my life here isn’t always conducive to looking my best. In the summer I’m too hot to feel pretty, in the winter I sometimes have to sacrifice personal style to stay warm, and during the school year my full schedule of work, an internship, and classes distract me so much that fashion is the last thing on my mind. La Petit Coquette has the solution to my style conundrum: picking out the perfect outfit when I’m already late for class is impossible, but with a drawer full of flirty, frilly bras and underwear I don’t have to forfeit feeling beautiful and confident when I’m in a rush. La Petit Coquette’s fabulous student discounts promise to add a much needed dose of sugar and spice to your underwear drawer: 10% off with your student ID, 15% off on your birthday with your student ID for sexy gift to yourself, and free bra fitting with your student ID.

Its 9:45 and you slept through your alarm again. With fifteen minutes to get to your first class, it looks like you’ll be wearing sweats to school again. Not to worry! La Petit Croquette’s lingerie will come to the rescue. Slip into one of their fun bra and underwear sets you got with one of their student discount coupons and suddenly those drab sweats feel like a designer dress. After all, real style isn’t about your outfit, its about your attitude, and an exciting new pair of underwear is an easy, fun way to make your attitude go from exhausted to confident and ready to take on the world.

-Elisabeth, Eugene Lang College ’12

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