The Ethics of Coming Early

Come early or else you’ll be watching a fragment of the show on the TV monitors until an usher can sneak you in at the appropriate time.


Because that would do the audience a favor. If they stand up and you cause a disruption down the aisle, they would lose sight of plot points or lyrics. Like movies screens, theatre doesn’t have a rewind or pause feature.


Outside the theatre

House does not open until 30 minutes before the show. You’ll often see a long line of people outside with their tickets. You could wait there and just read your cell phone. But personally, I like to go take a stroll around New York and not stray too far and get the blood pumping.


If you have your ticket in hand, just go for a stroll around the Time Square area rather than stand in line and get your blood pumping. If it’s winter, go look around one of the stores and food places.


Go see some street performers. Tip them a little if possible.


Eat a light snack beforehand to staunch hunger pangs. The Walgreens on 42nd would be good. No one wants to feel peckish during a performance.


Scan for the stage door if you’re interesting in meeting the performers for autographs post-show. You’ll want to map out where to run post-show.

Getting In the Theatre


If your ticket is reserved, go within the 30 minutes and you’ll be in the theatre.


If you’re picking up your ticket at the box, do so around house opening so you won’t have to wait around long.

In the theatre house

Have your purse or bag open so security can do a quick check. It also makes security’s job quicker for them and the person behind you in line.


If you’re lucky, there’s an outlet in the sitting rooms. Plug in your cell phone. Most theatres have  free Wifi. Ten minutes before the show.


Read your Playbill, take a look at the actors names. Read about their work history. You might find delicious trivia about them. betcom giriş

But what if I’m late?

Once the show time and date has passed, it has passed. Some theatres have a past date policy. On the day you’re free to see a make-up show, call up the theatre or related ticket seller. Keep the old ticket, or else, it is declared a “total loss.”


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