My Alien Invasion Dream: Starting A New Life In The Aftermath of a Hurricane

Picture an island, surrounded by the warm, blue Caribbean waters, cooled by the constant sea breeze, and inhabited by an array of tropical floral, fauna, and a diverse, loving community of people. Now picture a girl, who grew up in this magical place, absorbing all the views of life, beauty, and peace it could offer her as she prepared to begin the next chapter of her life, college in New York. The island is St. Thomas, the heart of the United States Virgin Islands. The girl is Solana Suazo, an amateur artist.

It is September 9, 2017. The first of two category five hurricanes tore through my home. Irma and Maria took the sand from our beaches, the leaves from our trees, the roofs from our houses, and for many, the hope for brighter days to come. I had my fair share of sleepless nights and wakeless days, but I never lost hope, because I never lost love.

You’re probably groaning to yourself saying, “Oh joy, another corny book about love, whoopdeedoo”. But let me assure you this book isn’t about romantic love, it is about the love of life, the hope and joy it brings, and the many loving connections it attracts. I survived those hurricanes and I thrived because of them. The shock of a near death experience clears away the many distractions clouding our minds, so that the important things, our health, our relationships, and our dreams, can shine brighter than ever. I knew I was going to college in New York. I was leaving many of the people I adored most in this world behind, but I also knew that didn’t matter. Love knows no bounds. It is fluent in every language, harmonious at every key, and fluid like the oceans that connect every country, every island, together. So while my friends and I were escaping senior year and dealing with the reality that our lives were about to change forever, we were sure to make many lasting memories that we would carry with us to college.

One of these memories that fills me with a love and joy was the day my best friend Gillian slept over at my house. She came to help me face the unpredictable future together when I was depressed beyond belief. Vassar, my dream school, had just rejected me. I was lost in a sea of unpredictabilities and cold hard truths, naively telling myself I didn’t have what it took to go to a prestigious school like Vassar and dreading the thought of having to go through the same pain again tomorrow, when NYU would surely reject me too. I called Gillian in tears and she rushed to my house, prepared to eat junk food, rant about the college process, and watch netflix until it was time to answer the email together. She perked me up and dusted me off, until finally we were both ready to open that little letter. Next thing I remember we were both jumping up and down on my bed screaming because I had done it, I had been accepted. Gillian didn’t get into many of the schools she wanted, but she was still immensely happy that I did. I didn’t care about Vassar rejecting me anymore. I had let go of the dream of Vassar and began dreaming up new realities, in the concrete jungle.

However, saying goodbye to my friends was extremely difficult, like ripping off a ton of bandaids from your heart everyday. I was terrified to be on my own in such a big place with so many people. My whole life I had known the small island of St. Thomas, my mom who would make me lunch and hug me when I was sad, and my friends who would be with me every second of the day and who knew more about me than anyone in the world.

These fears soon found their way into my subconscious and two weeks prior to moving I had a crazy dream that aliens invaded the earth and my friends and I fought them off. It was one of the strangest, most vivid dreams I had ever had and I awoke in a confused state of despair that I did not understand, so I decided to research what my dream could have meant. I scrolled through the web until I found an interesting dream interpretation site. Would I found couldn’t have been more on the money. An alien invasion dreams mean that you are scared to start a new chapter in your life.

Of course I called Gillian directly after and told her all about my dream. I felt such relief to hear her say she was feeling the same way. I don’t know why I had been so blind to this feeling before that dream, maybe because I was having so much fun with my friends. But after that dream, researching it, and talking about it with Gillian, I was able to calm down. Though stressed before that morning, I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders and I felt reassured of my decisions. Although I was leaving the people I loved, I could never truly lose them. They were, are, and always will be a part of me. I can call and text them whenever I need and now we can travel all across the country to visit each other, making new adventures and safeguarding new memories. If we could all survive an alien invasion, then I know we will be able to survive college!


1) Never allow anyone to make you feel unworthy. You are worthy of so much in this world.

2) If it didn’t happen, then it wasn’t meant to. Better possibilities are coming, meet them with an open heart.

3) You are never alone in this world. When you need help don’t be afraid to ask the people in your life. They love you, so they will always help you.

4) The packing and worrying can wait. Spend time with the ones you love, cherish the memories you make, plan to make some more in the future.

5) Stay positive and radiate positivity. Those in your life will do the same.

By Solana Joan Suazo

Solana is a freshman at NYU Steinhardt, studying art and psychology. Solana spends many hours walking around lower Manhattan with her friends, sketching in the park, or finding new inspirations for her art around the city. When she isn’t playing volleyball or meditating, she’s usually watching Game of Thrones with her roommate, daydreaming about California beaches and buys, or painting a new picture for art class. She loves coffee, chocolate, and ramen, of course.

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