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The weekend I moved to New York, I walked around my new neighborhood with my parents to familiarize myself with the stores and businesses around me. I learned where the closest subways stops were, which Duane Reade was open 24 hours and most importantly where to get good meals.Nothing makes you feel more at home than eating well. By eating well, I don’t just mean eating healthily though that is, of course, ideal. Eating food that tastes good makes you happy. It also helps if you didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get that food.

My first Saturday in the city, my parents and I stopped for lunch at Goodburger. It is slightly more expensive than a fast food burger and fries combo but the quality of the food is so much better.

The burgers and shakes are wonderful, as advertised but my personal favorite is their crab cake sandwich. I’m kind of obsessed with crab cakes. I eat them everywhere and have high standards for them. The crab cake sandwich at Goodburger is awesome. The crab meat is just lumpy enough and the remoulade tastes great.

Finding something familiar in a new place is a great way to feel at home.

Last semester, I became a regular at the Goodburger on Maiden Lane. I’m somewhat of a habitual food eater so if I like a restaurant, I’ll probably be back about once a week. One night, I dropped in right before closing. They made my food fresh in front of me like always and then threw in a free cookie. No explanation was given. I like to think I won an unofficial favorite customer award.

Now, I can’t guarantee free cookies but Campus Clipper provides a coupon that will give you 10% off your order with your student ID. This offer is valid at all of their 6 locations in Manhattan.

You can also have your food delivered by ordering on line at

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