Landing that Job

Written by Megan Soyars

As a college student, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Classes, homework, extracurrics, plus a social life–the list could go on forever. Throw a part-time job into the mix, and…what? You say you don’t have time for a part-time job? It sounds like you need help juggling your life.

But never fear, the NYC Student Guide is here to help you! Campus Clipper’s recent publication, the Guide, offers advice on how to manage both studying and work while giving both of them the time they deserve.

For example, the Guide features the innovative start-up company,  JATCHED, a job-matching service specifically for college students, was designed by two entrepunerial NYU students, Aleksandra Bookman and Mary Casey.

JATCHED is unique among other job-matching sites because it caters to the college student’s hectic schedule. You’d complained that you don’t have time for a part-time job. Well, JATCHED has the solution to that quandry. The site features gigs that you can work around your schedule, rather than the employer’s. Some examples include transcribing, dog walking, and web designing. And many of these gigs can be down from the comfort of your dorm room! No need to trek out into the cold to that 9:00-5:00 shift. So next time you find yourself pinching pennies in a time crunch, check out  

Aside from offering job advice, the NYC Student Guide apprises students about scoring internships, joining campus groups, and a host of other topics. Pre-order your $9.95 copy to today by emailing us at!

-Megan, Trinity University

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