How to Unwind and Find Catharsis in NYC: Relaxation

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This summer, I interned at Student Maximus Magazine, a publication that helps students living in the city save money and express themselves creatively. Cassandra Fox, the founder of the magazine and company, is on a mission to give students creative outlets, and is avid about young adults finding their passions and becoming masters of whatever they are most enthusiastic about. She assigned the interns a challenging and rewarding task: to write an eBook about something they truly care about, and to become a master of that craft.

College life is crazy. Classes can be overwhelming, socializing can be tiresome, extra-curricular activities can be consuming—at times, finding the balance that allows a student to be happy and busy at the same time seems impossible. I try my best to stay relaxed, but it’s often hard. That’s why I’m trying to master relaxation. It may sound a bit contradictory—relaxation, I suppose, should be something natural and unforced. But I believe we really need to designate times and activities that help us to drop everything and cleanse ourselves of the stresses of college life.

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That’s why this eBook will focus on the art of relaxation. I will be fleshing out some of the ideas I have compiled from personal experience, as well as my friends’ experiences, and expert advice on leisure and catharsis.

My name is Ryan Forman. I am a student at Washington University in St. Louis, and graduated from Trinity School in New York City in 2010. I am a Manhattan native. I enjoy writing, reading, music, hanging out with friends, sports, exercising, going to the movies, and, of course, relaxing. I hope you benefit from my advice.




By Ryan Forman

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