How to Overcome Your Shyness

Being shy often prevents you from flying high, and I know this from my own experience. There are so many things that you don’t know and other people do. Instead of struggling to find out where to get a great deal to a gym or how to sell back your textbooks, ask your college mate. When you graduate, you will have to search for an internship and later a job, and shyness is not the best of your qualifications you need to show at an interview. If you had trouble with communicating your thoughts or abilities to people around you, college years are the time to fight it.  Here are some tips that may help you to become more self-confident and overcome your shy nature:
1. Find out what kind of communication is the most challenging for you. Are you lost while talking to strangers over the phone, or are you suddenly shy face-to-face? Knowing that is essential because it gives you the field to work on. Once you realize where your weakness lies, push yourself to be in situations that make you feel uncomfortable. When a child starts walking, he or she is not happy falling down with every step. But no one have ever given up walking because it is so difficult. Every skill requires training, and communication is not an exception.
2. Get a job that requires you to talk. If you are afraid of calling strangers on the phone, get a job in telemarketing and advertising. First of all, they will train you to communicate with people in an effective way. Secondly, you will have enough practice, and eventually, you will get better at it. And finally, you will be encouraged by a paycheck. It will be especially helpful for you to get a job where you get paid depending on how much you sell. This way you will be pushed to polish your communication skills while looking for the most persuasive ways to get them to buy your products. You will have to be creative, and you will have no time to be scared. Gradually, you will see that your fear vanishes with every phone call you make.
3. Visit your professors during their office hours. Professors usually put some time aside for meeting with students, and they sometimes become upset that students never show up. If you stop by an office during a break you would otherwise spend eating unhealthy food offered by cafeteria, you may discuss the test that you failed, ask questions that don’t let you sleep and even get an idea about which grade you are going for in the course. Professors can give you an academic and personal advice. Another good thing is that they will get to know you and they will see that you are interested in their subject and want to do well in their course. And of course, you will feel less shy next time you have an encounter with them.
4. Participate in student clubs and study groups. Not only will it give you the opportunity to work on your shyness and meet new friends; it will also allow you to learn from your peers and discuss problems that bother you. When you are truly passionate and knowledgeable about something, you will never be afraid to talk about it with other people, especially if they are interested in the same things or issues you are.
5. Deliver oral presentations. It is so frightening for everyone to stand in front of the whole class and report about something. But no matter what job you will have in the future, you will be required to speak at the meetings, unless you are planning to be a secretary or a librarian for you whole life. Therefore, the earlier you learn how to deliver successful presentations, the easier it will be for you to use it to the benefit of your career. If your college offers a public speaking course, take it as soon as possible. This is not only a skill that you use at work, this may be the ability that will get you the job you want.
6. Talk to random people. Ask strangers for directions, discuss the snow storm warning with a lady sitting next to you on the train and merely ask your peers questions. You will get the information you need and discover the boldness you may never knew you had deep inside you.
Ekaterina Lalo
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