How to Live Stress Free and Musically: Your Music Player

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If you’re always on the go, you’ll find that carrying an mp3 player or ipod makes travel a bit less tedious. Your music player holds the soundtrack to your life. The songs you choose should fit every mood you experience and everything you encounter during your day. It is beneficial to open your ears to different kinds of music when filling up your music player so you can have a variety of music styles to reflect your mood throughout the day. You might one upbeat music in the morning to wake you up and relaxing music in the evening. An interesting aspect of any music player, especially the iPod, is the shuffle button. If you’re a person who doesn’t stick to one genre, this can be fun to try, especially if you’re doing some activity that would involve you using your iPod for a long period of time. Personally, I like to do this when I’m on the train. It’s funny to feel your own mood change with every song that comes on when your iPod is on shuffle. I like when my ipod goes from something slow like Death Cab for Cutie to something really fast and loud like ‘Walk this Way’ by Aerosmith. When this happens, my mood instantly changes from calm to energetic. Your soundtrack should move with your moods and complement  your tastes. Adding music to your day is like when Dorothy went from black and white Kansas, to a world of technicolor.


No matter what your taste in music, it’s important to remember that music is there for you. It comforts you after a bad day, provides a soundtrack for the things that go on in your head and carries with it a flood of memories from your past. Listening to different genres of music can open your mind to not just different music genres but to all forms of creativity. So open your ears and listen to the music.



By Janet Reyes

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