How Creativity Can Be A Part of Your Life

Oftentimes when we think of creatives we think of the outliers in our society: the people who get paid to sing, dance, paint, write stories, or make movies. We think of experts with natural born gifts and we do not associate our untrained eyes, hands, and voices with these artisans. Yet art and creativity are all around us. Up until a certain age we are schooled in the arts, through school plays and elementary arts classes. And even now, whether we are personally involved in the creation of art or not, we have access to films, television, books, and creative videos. 

Yet, there can still retain a measure of distance between us and the art we take in. It is important for us to acknowledge and embrace the role of art in our lives. We should give ourselves over to its therapeutic qualities and understand that art is not simply a superfluous ornament of daily life but a core facet of being human. We need to tap into the arts in whatever way we are drawn to them in order to connect more deeply to the human experience. 


When you’re having a tough day you can disappear within a tv show or a film. You can turn on music and drown out the noise around you or take a deep dive into the virtual archives of incredible artists.

One of my favorite still life paintings that I completed


If you’re looking for something cultured and new to do with loved ones you can visit museums, take a paint and sip class, or go to the theater. Concerts, drag shows, poetry slams, and live music are great options for special (or everyday) occasions. 

Some of my FAVORITE books


You can doodle in your notebook when a lecture gets too heady and unbearable. You can set a timer for fifteen minutes and see what words you can produce to fill up a blank page. You can paint poorly, sing in the shower, write fanfiction, or create fan art. You do not have to be an expert to create art. 


You can do any of the above activities alone or with others to deepen relationships and fellowship in memorable ways. These acts can be community building and relaxing. Furthermore there are therapists who specialize in utilizing art to reach and heal inarticulable traumas. With professional guidance, something as simple and accessible as painting can be a soothing outlet. 

Art has many places in our lives. As we work to acknowledge that truth and incorporate more creativity into our day to day habits, we will see the world in a more colorful and hopeful light. 

Taylor Custis is a recent graduate of NYU where she made her own major because it sounded like a cool thing to do. She enjoys stories of all kinds, ethnic foods, and spiritually charged candles. She is currently in Queens embarking on a career in written and visual storytelling.

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