Getting the Most out of Social Media

With countless sources of social media at your fingertips, it is hard to decipher just exactly what each website should be used for.  The first name that comes to mind when social media is considered is, of course, Facebook.  Facebook is a fantastic way to communicate with your friends, as well as promote yourself as an individual.  However, with other websites such as Tumblr and Twitter available, it has become difficult to choose when to use which type of social media.  This post will attempt to guide you to the proper social media outlet for whatever your needs may be.

Perhaps the largest use for social media is to update friends with current activities; if this is your ultimate goal with social media, Twitter is most likely for you.  Twitter’s clean layout is perfect for quick updates from your friends, or ‘followers’ as Twitter labels them.  Your Twitter page is essentially a listing of your friends’ most recent “Tweets.”  This layout works perfectly for individuals who use social media on the go, as updates from your friends will be no longer than 140 characters.  Due to the 140 character limit imposed by the creators of Twitter, Twitter is a great social media website for individuals who are consistently pressed for time.  The following is an example of a Twitter homepage layout

While Twitter is best for quick, on the go use, Tumblr serves as a social media site for just the opposite.  Although Tumblr can most certainly be used on the go, or when pressed for time, it is mainly composed of images selected by the owner of the Tumblr page.  Creating a Tumblr consists of posting pictures of things that strike your interest.


Furthermore, Tumblr can be used to share your pictures with people who may have overlapping interests.  Many people choose to post original photos, while some Tumblr users post stock images.  Either way, sharing images through Tumblr is a great way to get involved with social media.

Finally, we’re left with the largest social media website of them all, Facebook.  Facebook is a fantastic social media site, mostly due to its size and versatility.  While Twitter and Tumblr focus on either text or image based posts, Facebook has been successful in integrating both into one user friendly layout.  Moreover, Facebook also offers an instant messaging service called Facebook Messenger.  With these three elements combined, Facebook is able to stand out as the most crucial social networking website.

Whichever social media website you decide to register with, or combination of websites for that matter, make sure to consider the aforementioned.

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