While in college, the spring semester always seemed to follow too closely on the heels of the first. I’d just finished celebrating Christmas and New Year’s and then, boom, it was time to fork up that Best Buy giftcard Granny had given me to buy some supplies. I always seemed to need more than I’d realized. It was like all my pens, pencils, and binders had somehow gotten sucked into a black hole in that interim between semesters. Plus, I usually needed a new book bag because my old one had gone out of style. (Those super-cute Vera Bradley bags were popular, but they were also $80.) 

Like me, you’re either preparing for the winter session (which–yipes– is only a week away!) or the spring semester. Either way, you need to restock those school supplies. If you don’t have a generous Granny like I do, don’t worry. There are still ways to save money this year!  

First of all, Blick Art Materials is offering a great 20%  off coupon here! You’re sure to find all you need at Blick, whether you’re an art or design major, trying out a couple creative classes, or just want to pick up some pens and paper.  Utrecht Art Supplies also provides students discounts. And finally, don’t forget to stop by the Unique Copy Center. Whether you’re designing a newsletter for your campus club, creating a mock-up for your magazine writing class, or have just run out of printer paper before your 20 page thesis is due, check out the Copy Center. And don’t forget this discount!

I wish you a great New Year and a great new semester! With these discounts, you’ll definitely have all the supplies you need to end the school year in style.

–Written by Megan Soyars, Campus Clipper Blogger


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