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Below are several quotes from current college students & interns from the Campus Clipper. The Campus Clipper has provided New York’s more than 600,000 students with an easy way to save money in the local area where they study and work. Students are invited to explore New York armed with a pocket-size discount coupon book that saves them cash on products and services offered by merchants. Each semester, several students are selected to intern at the Campus Clipper and gain valuable experience in social media, networking, marketing, advertising, writing, publishing, design and much more! Read more about the Campus Clipper Here!

The students have been participating in podcasts with me for several weeks; offering tips and advice to current college students & career seekers and to help people tell their story and do what they love!

“My advice is, don’t wait till your senior year to get internships or to get to know your professors and faculty. Even if you feel there are more qualified upperclassmen ahead of you, don’t discourage yourself from trying. You might not get the internships but you get to practice going on interviews. You want to get a tentative foot into the real world as early on as possible. It might help you determine if your major is the right on for you in time for you to reconsider if you have to. You don’t want to have to make a big transition. You want to ease into the working world and be confident you are going to do well at your job. Start getting into the habit of being organized with little things because they will save you big time and money. Also be sure to balance social life and school. Those grades still matter and it might require just doing a little more. There’s a big difference between B+ and A- when it comes to numeric average.

You also want to use your time in college to promote your interests whether it be raising awareness for a charitable cause or educating people on an issue that’s important to you. As a college student you have a wealth of resources available to you. You have the guidance of faculty and an easily reachable community of like minded people. College is a place where you can empower your own voice and create memorable experiences that may serve you for the rest your life.” – Margael St Juste, Hunter College


“It’s important to get to know as many people as you can; not only that, but to get to know them as well as you can. Friends, coworkers, professors, advisors – all of these people have valuable experience and connections that may one day be able to help you attain your dream job or goals. Join clubs, attend meetings, go to job fairs, etc. Any way you can meet and get to know quality things about quality people can only help you in the future.” – Nancy Ma, NYU

“Introduce yourself to people.
I know that freshmans can feel very shy and intimidated but taking initiative to introduce yourself to people can help you overcome the shy factor as well as getting more comfortable with the social atmosphere. This can also be practice for official conferences and events in the future where introducing yourself to potential employers can make you stand out. Speaking about the socializing topic, networking and maintaining a large connection of professional networks is very important. You never know who you can meet and how they can help you in your career. Of course, this advice isn’t only limited to freshmans but I feel like this is something very important that people who are just starting to get their foot into the career world need to hear about.” – Jessica Yang, Parsons New School of Design


“My advice for college freshman is: don’t procrastinate! Proper time management is the key to using your time as best as possible.  If you find yourself not having enough time for social events and school work it’s because you still haven’t gotten time management down yet.  However, that’s OK! Freshman year is always a challenge and perseverance is the key!” – Paola Delucca, Parsons New School of Design

“Try as much as possible to get a lot of internships. Apply for two internships (one unpaid and the other a paid one) every semester if you can. Sometimes it’s hard to get two paid internships at the same time. If ever you get a paid one and you want another internship consider getting an unpaid internship so at least at one point you get more experience and of course some extra cash at the same time!” – Moyl Cledera, The New School for Public Engagement

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